HASLER Range of products : Belt weigh feeders for granular and powdery materials, heavy duty weigh feeders, rotary weigh feeder controller and electronic ear : operator interface supervisor, smart flow feeders, Apron-extractor weigh feeders, loss in weigh feeders, weigh feeders for coal dust


Reliable HASLER weighing and feeding equipment is used in many industries that involve bulk materials handling.

/// Cement

cementContinuous metering; constant rate feeding and blending of materials to the mills; mill feed optimization packages; constant rate feeding of raw meal and pulverized coal to the kiln.

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/// Aluminium

aluminiumAnode paste plant; constant rate feeding and blending of various coke fractions and pitch.

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/// Glass

glassBatch house, discontinuous scales for batching main components and small additives. Continuous belt feeders for batch-mix and cullet.

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/// Verre

glassAtelier de composition, bascules intégratrices et traitement par lots des matières brutes et des petitts additifs. Doseurs à bande en continu pour mélange du batch et du calcin.

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/// Steel

steelRaw material area, sinter plant, coke oven: metering, feeding and blending of raw materials, pellets, coal, etc..

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/// Fertilizer

fertilizerMetering, feeding and blending of raw materials, intermediate and finished products.

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/// Gypsum & Plaster

Gypsum-PlasterConstant rate feeding of hot stucco and additives.

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